CannaOne Technologies Inc. is a 100-percent owned subsidiary with a focus on developing a complete platform that will promote any cannabis business, with innovative payment solutions and machine learning specific to the industry.
Our ethos is to assist entrepreneurs in safely and efficiently delivering cannabis to any needing consumer in the world.


Hacked systems are trying to accommodate a
100 billion dollar industry through trial and error

As billions of dollars are soon to switch hands from consumers to vendors in the cannabis industry, the business systems that any common company takes for granted have been removed from the equation due to negative stigma and global regulations. This leaves leaders of the green rush hacking systems to achieve their goals.


BloomKit will become to Cannabis what Shopify is to e-Commerce.

This complete solution has been built by experts, both in marketing and technology development who understand all the tools needed to combat the constraints that currently face the industry in both realms: recreational and medicinal. Our goal has been to provide a one stop shop for cannabis entrepreneurs and this was achieved through detailed interviews with industry leaders and endless iterations of our technology.

BloomKit’s Key Cannabis Tools




Global Growth – BloomKit is SAAS (“software as a service”) therefore it is not confined by state law or national regulations so our services can be offered globally to any industry leader

First to Market – aggressive marketing campaign to established global dominance as the leader in the space

Immediate Revenue – turnkey solution offers revenue in year one with vendors already adopting our platform

Technology Partnership – bringing industry exclusivity with $10 million invested in product development and a team that has 20+ years experiences in payment processing on a global level

Team – A diverse group has been assembled that includes technology leaders and cannabis industry leaders in order to better understand the unique solutions for the industry

High Revenue Vendors – Offer massive potential when taking into consideration transactional fees due to volume of sales as per other comparable industries

Machine Learning – offers huge upside in Intellectual Property as our business and markets mature in coming years




“The New American Dream – 2020 the legal cannabis market will create more than a quarter of a million jobs. This is more than the expected jobs from manufacturing” – Forbes

The world watches Canada as the only country where the “.pot” can exit, showcasing massive forward looking valuation.

The US recreational market is going to grow by a over 300% , jumping from $2.6 billion in 2016 to $11.2 billion by 2020.

Global markets emerge as the stigma evaporates on the heels of Canada becoming the first country and California, the six largest economy, to enter into full legalization.

Our team has identified over 500 potential vendors in the state of Colorado alone…




The team is united around a common united vision and the perfect timing of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We understand the complexity of the environment that stands before us and over the last year we have brought leaders from marketing, finance, and cannabis industry fields together in order to execute our goal in an efficient manner.